Competency Working Group

The Competency Working Group (CWG) is a sub-group of the CQI Construction Special Interest Group (ConSIG). Its remit is to look at defining, for the construction industry, the “Context” (grey) section of the CQI Competency Framework and providing support for construction professionals to achieve that definition.

The CWG has three principal objectives:

  • Develop and maintain a body of Construction Quality Knowledge;
  • Provide training and resources for quality professionals and construction personnel on construction related quality topics and
  • Define the requirements for assessing competencies against the Construction Quality Knowledge.

Follow this link to meet members of the Competency Working Group.

Construction Quality Knowledge

The overall objective is to define how the specifics of quality management in construction differ from quality management in general. By identifying these differences and providing information we hope to make it easier for quality professionals and construction personnel to understand quality management in construction.

Follow the link to read the body of Construction Quality Knowledge (CQK).

The working group is actively seeking authors for a number of topics so if you are interested in contributing please contact the CQI who will put you in touch with the group.


We are looking at ways in which training can be supported as follows.

Training for construction quality professionals

Together with the CQI we are determining training requirements for quality management in construction and as the detail of the competency framework becomes defined we will be looking at ways to support this.

Training for construction personnel

A key activity is looking at providing a number of training courses, tailored for construction personnel at different levels that would provide acceptable evidence of competence, similar to the training provided for safety management by the IOSH and the CITB.

Assessment of competencies

The CQI is due to release a tool to assess competence according to the Competency Framework. The CQK will be reviewed against the Competency Assessment Tool to identify the key competencies required for quality professionals in a construction context.

Industry Support

Our work is well supported by many businesses, large and small, operating in the UK construction sector. We aim to be as inclusive as possible and we welcome businesses which are willing to be involved and contribute to our efforts. For a full list of those businesses and individuals who are currently involved please click here.


For any voluntary organisation resources are always a challenge and we are actively supporting the CQI in investigating methods that will make these resources available. We are seeking further assistance from members of the ConSIG who are willing and able to contribute, and looking at ways to make it easy for them to do so.


There are a number of organisations which have groups with objectives which are the same or similar to ours and we are actively looking at ways to communicate with them in order to achieve an industry-wide viewpoint.

Minutes of Competency Working Group Meetings

Minutes of meeting 41, 9 August 2017

Minutes of previous meetings

Working Group meeting, 7 September 2016:

Anti-clockwise from the right: Neil Mellor, Charlotte Broady, Louise Jones, Mike Buss, Keith Hamlyn, Tony Hoyle,  photo’ by Paul Greenwood.